It took me ages to find the right song titles for these pages.

I really hope you’re appreciating them.

That’s "sense of humour" covered.

Traditionally, it’s been difficult finding people to make a website that does more than just transact. What if you want it to be capable of more? Capable of inspiring, of astounding - of communicating a brand story to rival the one a person could get in a store.

I’m here to tell you. It’s possible.

Digital, particularly ecommerce is complicated enough as it is. So this is about simplicity, elegance and the user experience - understanding the most important thing. That’s more than just button sizes and the right typeface. It’s finding the right visual message to say what you think, and inform what the customer thinks of you - your strategy.

In recent years, my work has largely been with fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands. I love working with them for their creativity and expression. However, my interests are with anyone concerned with aesthetics and fine detail.

I’ve worked with startup’s putting their entire first collection for sale online, to established wholesale brands putting their 10,000th collection online for the first time, and all the trials and tribulations along those paths.

My work spans all forms of digital media; websites, films, email, campaigns and content. I do that for brands, and for agencies.

But beneath all of it, I simply help build brands online through good old fashioned, smart ideas and beautiful design.

Thanks for visiting.

Tom Wittlin
September 2016